Analytics Training

Analyst's Notebook Professional version 9

During this four-day training course you will learn how to use IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook as a tool in solving larger issues such as 'Find out if there is a connection between a series of burglaries and a series of telephone conversations'. The examples and issues are derived from police cases (car theft, human trafficking, drug transport, murder and robbery) and from the financial sector (financial fraud, identity fraud, skimming, forgery, money laundering).

For whom is this training intended?
All researchers and analysts who need to be able to convert varied research data into IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook schemes in order to carry out thorough analysis. This training course is also extremely suitable for (prospective) students from the Analysing Information (AVI) course at the Police Academy.

What do you learn during the training?

  • Build schedules, manually and through importing. Thinking out multiple data models and displaying the same data in multiple ways.
  • Apply layout options to schemes such as Peacock Layout, Grouped by Time Layout and Minimise Crossed Links Layout.
  • Use different search options, such as Visual Search, List Items and the Search Function.
  • Analyse complex schemes with the help of Filters and Histograms. The HeatMatrix Analysis and Dynamic Filtering are powerful ways to gain more insight into your data.
  • Search for duplicate entities with Smart Matching.
  • Recognise the most important players in a complex scheme with Social Network Analysis.
  • Show geographic data on a map in Google Earth.
  • Apply conditional formatting to see important information in the right context and to make relevant information stand out automatically.
  • Import large amounts of data such as telephone calls and financial transactions from Excel and from text files.

Extra information

Are you using version 8 and have you not yet made the switch to version 9? It is possible to request the Analyst's Notebook training in version 8. It is also possible to follow tailor-made Analyst's Notebook training courses.

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