DiEx Training

IP Interception

Within Dutch investigations, data taps (intercepting a suspect's internet traffic) are regularly requested. In most cases, however, hardly any useful information is gained from these taps. The cause of this is that few people are trained to analyse data taps and a lot of information is encrypted. This makes analysis of the data more complicated and this often translates into rudimentary analysis. During the IP interception training, participants learn to analyse data taps with tools (software) like WireShark, T-Shark and Ngrep.

For whom is this training intended?
This two-day training is suitable for participants that are involved in analysing data taps.

What will you learn during the training?
At the end of this training, you know all the ins and outs regarding IP interception. You know which network devices can contain useful traces for your investigation. Additionally, you will have learned how to investigate IP tap data using WireShark, TSHARK, NGREP and Moloch. You'll also know what a POST and Get request is and what terms like protocols, gateways and the client-server model entail.

All training courses are modular, if the training does not fully meet your requirements, we can put together a tailor-made training which meets your needs.