Digital Forensics Training

AccessData FTK Intermediate

Do you want to carry out computer research in a thorough and effective way? The three-day FTK Intermediate training goes a little further than the Bootcamp. You get started with Forensic Toolkit (FTK), FTK Imager and Registry Viewer on an 'Intermediate' level. Intermediate is the level between beginner and advanced. In addition to effective use, this hands-on course also addresses the installation and configuration of the AccessData tools.

For whom is this training intended?
The AccessData FTK Intermediate training is intended for the digital investigator. FTK and the other AccessData products are mainly used by forensic specialists and other fraud investigators.

What do you learn during training?

  • Installation and configuration of FTK, FTK Imager and Registry Viewer.
    • How can you optimally configure FTK on your PC?
    • What are Global Objects?
  • The use of FTK Imager in a so-called "Incident Response" setting.
  • Advanced search for evidence using Registry Viewer.
  • Detailed email analysis.
    • Search for notable people.
    • Exporting email.
  • The use of advanced processing options from FTK such as EID, OCR, Event log analysis and Volume Shadow Copy.
  • Indexed search vs. live search.
  • Creating and applying complex filters.
  • The use of the Visualisation Tool.
    • Heatmap.
    • File visualisation.
    • Email Visualisation.
    • Geo Location.

The full day-to-day program is available on request.