Digital Forensics Training

Magnet Forensic Fundamentals (AX100)

During this Forensic Fundamentals (AX100) training, participants will learn the basic skills for conducting digital forensic investigations. The most important terminology and working procedures are discussed, but also the type of data carriers and what the investigator should take into account when securing evidence.

For whom is this training intended?
This four-day training is designed for beginning digital investigators who are not yet familiar with the basics of Digital Forensics.

What do you learn during the training?

  • What Magnet AXIOM is.
  • How digital evidence is collected and stored. Think of the procedures and frameworks the investigator has to deal with.
  • Disk geometry such as defining and articulating certain parts of hard drives and similar media and what basic components they contain, how the capacity of a disk is calculated, and the difference between CHS and LBA sector numbering.
  • The basics of data storage (bits, bytes and hex). This includes the associated number systems and how the basic process works from pressing a key to storing it on a hard drive.
  • Everything about partitioning, formatting and file systems including the differences, the structuring and the processes involved.
  • What a boot process and drive letter assignments mean and how it works.
  • What the principles of data storage are and how sectors on a data carrier are affected when files are stored, moved and deleted.
  • What information the Windows Registry contains and where the most common artifacts are located.
  • How images can be created from computer media and mobile devices and how Magnet can support AXIOM in this.
  • How to gain insight into iPhone and Android mobile devices and how to use rooting and jailbreaking to gain access to suspicious devices.

This training is modular. Each module uses scenarios and hands-on exercises to reinforce the learning objectives.

Watch the video below for additional explanation of the Forensic Fundamentals (AX100) training:

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