Digital Forensics Training

Magnet MAGaK Advanced iOS Examinations (AX301)

In this hands-on course, participants interactively learn how to deal with digital evidence found on iOS devices combined with Graykey. Magnet AXIOM goes beyond finding and processing of artifacts by enabling deep analysis using these tools to look at evidence in new ways. During this training, the following topic will be discussed: AXIOM in combination with the Graykey unit.

Who is this training for?
This four-day training course is designed for digital investigators from the forensics community such as police, defence and special task forces. The course is suitable for the advanced digital investigator, as well as for those who have been using AXIOM for some time but have not yet completed the training.

Only for government agencies after acceptance of Grayshift!

What do you learn during the training?
After the training, the participants will be able to:

  • Configure Magnet AXIOM.
  • Use the Graykey unit in combination with AXIOM.
  • Compare different types of data extraction.
  • Understand the iOS operating system and Apple security.
  • Use the Dynamic App Finder and other functions such as 'Search for Custom Files by type'.
  • Further investigate artifacts found.

Each module makes use of an extensive basis of scenarios and hands-on exercises, in order to strengthen the learning objectives and give the participants further insight into the functionality of Magnet AXIOM and Graykey and its application within the forensic workflow.

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