Academy Training

Introduction to Malware Analysis (IMA)

Malware analysis is an important part of both preventive and repressive investigation into potentially dangerous files and their behaviour. Preventive investigation helps to prevent and detect future cyber attacks. If a system or network is affected by a cyber attack, then the repressive investigation during or after the incident is an important step in tracing the suspects and overseeing the impact on the entire infrastructure.

Who is this training for?
The training is suitable for anyone who wants basic insight into how malware works and how it can be investigated in a responsible and safe manner. This includes employees of cyber crime teams, digital forensic investigators and IT professionals who want to gain a better understanding of malware. Extensive basic knowledge of the Microsoft Windows operating system is necessary to be able to follow this training properly.

What do you learn during the training?
The participants are introduced to different forms of malware. In addition, with the help of various tools, they learn to investigate the way in which attacks are carried out and the life cycle of the malware. The malware analysis collects important (forensic) details about the malware. The participants also learn to improve the information position by conducting investigations and thus monitor and maintain systems. The training also deals with the legal framework of malware.