Cyber Crime Training

Intake & Service

Employees from the Intake and Service department of police are the first point of contact when filing a report and lay the foundation for an investigation. The Intake & Service training is aimed specifically towards these employees. They learn to properly document reports of cyber crime. Collecting the right information and recognising the sometimes fleeting traces are important during this process. These subjects are therefore extensively discussed during training. We'll also discuss how to properly translate cyber crime to the Penal Code. 

For whom is this training intended?
This two-day training is extremely suitable for employees of the police's Intake and Service department.

What will you learn during the training?
At the end of this training, the participants are aware of the trends, developments, opportunities and threats surrounding cyber crime and digitalisation. Additionally, they are capable of documenting cyber crime reports. They have also learned how to safely do a small search query online. They will also know how to have a better password policy and recognise phishing.

All training courses are modular, if the training does not fully meet your requirements, we can put together a tailor-made course that meets your needs.